Too much geometries while using fbx

I have a problem. I want to create some hair effect. I bought hair model and I am trying to use this model in my AR effect. I can import fbx wihtout any problems, but when I try to run effect, I can’t see whole object and i am getting error “Too much geometry in effect”.

My goal is to use 4 models to use it for 4 faces, but I can’t do this for one face. There is any solution to use this model in DeepAR studio?


Many hair models tend to be far too complex to run on mobile phones in real time

You can find limitations in our guidelines:

  • For best performance, try to keep a poly count below 25k per mesh, with a total poly count below 100k.
  • We recommended adding no more than 50 objects to a scene.

We are however dealing with a bug on fbx import that causes the objects to have more geometry then in the original, it will be fixed soon, but as a temporary workaround you can try importing your model as an .obj to see if that helps

Thanks for your answear. I will try to reduce geometires.
Meybe you can help me with another problem. When I try to import fbx with bones, my model doesn’t look like in blender. When I remove bones in blender everything imports fine. I’m going to use Simple Pendulum Physics like in Spring Tree example. I tried with simple box and bones and everything works well, but with hair model there is a problem. Images below show project in blender and effect after import to DeepAR Studio.

Bones can be sensitive to transformations your joints need to be fitted to a reference head. See if this older tutorial can help in your case