Rig animation broke while import fbx in DEEP AR

I am facing issue while importing fbx with rig and animation from Maya to Deep AR
rig seems to be broken while import.
Please suggest me how to export a character with rig and animated whole in Deep Ar from maya or blender

here are some tips for rigging:
Joints need to always be in the same position as we provide in the template
You need to affect a big portion of the mesh
Use multiple joints: eg. for moving the mouth, I would recommend using the jaw joint to move the whole bottom of the face, then 4 mouth joints
Do not move the joints even if the model doesn’t fit then paint the skin weights as if the joints match your model

Head_Template (1).fbx.zip (546.4 KB)

hey Jelena!

I tried doing what you told but a deformation is still there when I import.

I need help!!

Can you share the source fbx files?

here you go:https://we.tl/t-Srt9MrrlTm

I used the same hierarchy you sent but I did not weight all of the bones, only a few.

Hi Jelena,

Did you check the file?


Hi Tal,

I’ve inspected the model and it contains a lot of joints assigned to the mesh but without any influence weights.
The few joints that have influence work normally in the studio. Like the mandible for example (J9). It is attributed to the mesh, it also contains skinning weight information and it works in the studio.

My suggestion is to rig the whole model before bringing it in the studio. Or simply remove the bones that shouldn’t have any influence (remember to detach the bones influence from the model, simply deleting might be problematic as well).

To summarise, there should be no vertices without joint influence in a rigged mesh.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,


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I have imported the model according to the directions you gave and it shows up almost fine in the studio. Im using blender

  1. For some reason joints are always off when I import them, by “off,” I mean deviated from the original position (it’s only slightly this time but it’s there).
  2. So I place the head where it should be, with the joints, it looks fine but I cant attach a face position component, the software says that it is already there and exists “in Face space,” where do I find that?
  3. If I don’t do much and just drag and drop the model, adjust it a bit and then test it on a webcam or phone, something shows up, but it goes somewhere I cannot see and is nowhere near the face.
  4. blendshapes also do not work, ive tried naming blendshapes as emotions and then attached an emotion component to the head model without a skeleton, the emotions dont get detected over the camera

Ive tried following the relevant tutorials, if you can send a guide or tutorial that especially helps with these I will appreciate.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Free advice for anyone wandering into this thread in the future:

Make sure all weights are Normalized. DeepAR did not account for sub-zero total vertex weighting.

Make sure all vertex weights are normalized.

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