Rig animation broke while import fbx in DEEP AR

I am facing issue while importing fbx with rig and animation from Maya to Deep AR
rig seems to be broken while import.
Please suggest me how to export a character with rig and animated whole in Deep Ar from maya or blender

here are some tips for rigging:
Joints need to always be in the same position as we provide in the template
You need to affect a big portion of the mesh
Use multiple joints: eg. for moving the mouth, I would recommend using the jaw joint to move the whole bottom of the face, then 4 mouth joints
Do not move the joints even if the model doesn’t fit then paint the skin weights as if the joints match your model

Head_Template (1).fbx.zip (546.4 KB)

hey Jelena!

I tried doing what you told but a deformation is still there when I import.

I need help!!

Can you share the source fbx files?

here you go:https://we.tl/t-Srt9MrrlTm

I used the same hierarchy you sent but I did not weight all of the bones, only a few.