(Reuploaded) Face Morphing issue

Hi there.
We want to make face morphing for beautification purpose not funny disguise.
Like below video, what we are expecting is we make a face structure(or mesh) first and apply that structure to real face.

I found deepAR demo video Tutorial 3 - Create a Morphing Head Filter | DeepAR - YouTube
Because our purpose is beatification, we kinda want to reduce face shape, rather than enlarge it.
Then this problem happens

Where root face are larger, face edge remain unchanged. And where mesh face are larger, deep ar consider background as a part of face.

Is it wrong to use this video as a morphing method for beautification?

Or is there some mistake we’ve made. Please let us know to fix it.

If it is wrong, Can we edit Face shaping function to have specific 3d face structure? It seems like in face shaping above problem doesn`t appear.

Hi the trick when making the head smaller is to include a fan around the head as well to morph the camera image around the head.

You can find a sample of such fbx included in our beauty template

I will appreciate so much with your answer.
If you teach me the name of fbx, it would be so much thankful…

2023년 2월 14일 (화) 오전 4:10, Jelena Banjanin via DeepAR Community Forum <notifications@deepar.discoursemail.com>님이 작성:

it’s BeautySingleBS.fbx, in the Models folder.

Hello @user1. I’m trying to create face correction functions, but can’t find instructions and don’t receive full support. Can I discuss with you privately?