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Hi, everyone
We create the project through GitHub - DeepARSDK/shoetryon-web-js: Shoe try-on example app with DeepAR Web SDK.
Our project: https://celeron2100.online/AR_try_on/

However, it takes 4-5 seconds averagely for loading, which is longer than our expectation.
Especially, the validation process even takes 1.29 s. Is there any solution or possibility to reduce the average time of loading now?

Hi, the foot tracking does require some time to initialise but you might me able to boost the general speed of your app by optimising your models.
Do you know how many vertices/polygons your show models have?

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Sorry, the designer is reluctant to tell me how many the vertices/polygons of the model does it have…

The camera is laggy (run slowly) when loading (see the video 10s-15s), and then continues processing.

We use the 5G internet and the official sample link provided by you.
Our testing devices include iPhone 14 pro. Samaung S21 FE 5G(snapdragon s888 processor).
After we check the waterfall on Chrome’s developer tools, the delay might be caused by loading of the program namely “foot-tracker-android.bin” (It takes 5 mins. Please see the video 10s-17s.)

Have you ever handle or solve similar problems? The delay or relatively long loading time might cause negative user experiences. We do hope the enhancement of this part could be done by working together. Please refer to the video we took and look forward to further discussion.

We are always working on initialisation time of our tracking models, The current takes a few seconds to fully load. Sorry about that.

It doesn’t matter. We’ve figured out how to make up for it. Use the landing page.:blush:

Why is deepar.wasm loaded twice?
The deepar.wasm of DeepAR Demo can only be loaded once

I’m not sure, it doesn’t seem to happen on our shoe demo page


Could you compare your setup to our demo. Does your landing page also load DeepAR?