๐Ÿ‘Ÿ Foot tracking and new major Studio updates

Weโ€™re very excited to announce foot tracking is now supported in DeepAR Studio!

The biggest features introduced with this Studio version are foot tracking components and preview (web), the 2D editor, visual head guide rendering, component landmark positioning. See changelog in Docs for the full list of updates.

:bulb:To get your foot tracking project up and running, follow this Virtual Shoe Try-on Demo Project.

:bulb:Weโ€™ve also made a quick shoe try-on setup tutorial to help you create a custom AR experience.

New Features Demo

Visual Guides

The visual guides have been added to make it easier to position effects in face or foot space. When editing an effect in Face space or one that uses a Face position component, you can use the face as a reference. For example we have downloaded a Hat model from the internet and imported it into the studio.

The new head guides will now allow you to know which actions need to be done to fit the model to the head even without the preview running:

After some scaling, rotating and repositioning, making sure the object doesn't clip through the reference head we have a rough estimate of how the model should fit on the head:

We can also add a new Head model, set it up as shown in the basic occluder material.

2D Editor

Previously the editor only had a 3D mode which could get confusing when working with orthographic elements whose Z coordinate were frequently far from the 3D elements. We have done improvements to display such elements in a more intuitive way.

The new 2D editor mode will alow you to have an even better overview of the elements placed in orthographic space and should make overlay and beauty effects easier to navigate.

Hi @Zak, sorry i am very new to deepAR world.
I just tried shoe virtual Tryon from here is there any way to get the detected 3d landmarks. If yes, Please help me to get those points.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @Lohit_Kumar_R

If you want full body tracking landmarks, that feature is still being developed and should be out soon.

If you would simply like to position a 3D object on a foot, you can add the foot position component to any node you want with the new Studio.