Webcam resolution

Hi, I’m using the shoe try-on starter project to set up a proof-of-concept for a client project, and it’s looking really effective, but even though we’re using a 4K Logitech Brio webcam in an attempt to raise the available definition and clear out tracking errors, the image quality in the canvas seems locked at a very low, aliased resolution.

Is there any way to change the settings the SDK uses for camera & processing resolution?

Cheers muchly, Mike

Hey @Mike! Great question!

To get high quality results on high definition screens, we need to take into account the window.devicePixelRatio value when sizing our canvas.

Very soon we will take care of this as part of the SDK ‘behind the scenes’ - but until then, we are in the process of adding this fix to all our examples.

Our shoetryon quick start project in github now has this fix - see this commit to get the few lines of code you can add to achieve the best results.

Hope this helps!




I’m wondering if there is a temporary solution for Android also. We’re using DeepAR with an Android based desktop system. The camera is a Logitech Brio. We have it rotated but the image quality is still so low resolution. We’re not detecting or tracking faces as well as we would.



Hey @Segun

It sounds like your camera input resolution isn’t as high as you expect. Currently, DeepAR uses a lower camera resolution by default (probably 640p).

You can use a higher quality input by setting up your own custom camera and passing it into DeepAR. You can see how to do this here.

We will be working to add an example project showing this kind of setup soon, but in the meantime, hopefully this can help you solve the problem.

Let me know if that solves it for you! :slight_smile: