DeepAR Web Integration


I was impressed by the power of DeepAR, so I am planning to use it with my brand on the Web.
I’ve been reading a bit of their documentation and have some questions.

  1. Using Studio, when exporting the project it generates a “effect” .deepar file.

    Is this the one that should be integrated into the effects folder, as in this example?

  1. For user access to the experience, do you offer any hosting service?

  2. If not, is it possible to integrate DeepAR with free services like GitHub Pages or Glitch Pages? If so, do you have any guide for that?

  3. What are the browser and phone requirements for using DeepAR on both Android and iOS?

  4. When paying for the subscription, is it per experience? For example, if I have one for shoes and another for faces, would that be two subscriptions?

  5. How are MAUs (Monthly Active Users) counted on the web?

  6. What types of frameworks does DeepAR support for the web?

Thank you :hugs:

Hello, thank you for your interest in DeepAR

  1. Yes

  2. We offer this with the plugins for easy ecommerce integration, check that our here

  3. We have not tested this, the recommendation for the SDK is to just serve the effects on the same domain

  4. You can see our supported browsers here

  5. ShopAR has separate pricing from using the SDK with your own hosting, you can discuss that with sales

  6. For the normal SDK: MAU is a unique user per month - so if the same user accesses DeepAR features multiple times per month they will be counted only once. We qualify uniqueness by collecting non-personal data from the user plus some random seeds that are persisted in the cookies.
    However, if they change their device or browser they will probably be counted multiple times per device/browser per month.​

  7. The SDK is a javascript library Overview | DeepAR, we reccomend using js, but other frameworks can be used if you have experience using js as plugins

Thank you,

I have a clear understanding of most points, except for point 2.

If I’m interpreting this correctly, upon purchasing the DeepAR plugin, will I then be able to host my app on your e-commerce platform?
Is this different from the SDK?
Also, I’m looking for some specific documentation on this topic; I’ve only come across the ‘Get a Demo’ section.

Could you guide me to the relevant information?

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ShopAR is a separate product, with separate pricing, intended to streamline e-commerce integration and take the load of creating each individual SKU as an effect away from the user.

It is a new product and at this time I recommend that you use the Get a Demo button to get in touch with the sales team who will be happy to discuss how this product can help you.