Problem with DeepAR Studio "Test on device" not working


Our team currently uses DeepAR studio for different AR creations including Virtual Try-On but there is a problem. Whenever we create Virtual Try-On for either sneakers, glasses or watches, and we proceed to preview using the test on the device or test on effect tester mode, the glasses, shoes, or watches do not appear on the body. Also, we leverage the WebSDK, and try-ons are not popping up on the body.

How do we go about this issue, please? Is there a problem with the WebSDK?

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SBS Management | Denver

iPhone 14 PRO max and Macbook Pro
Operating System: MacOS
DeepAR Studio version: *[e.g.

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I have the same issue(

As we informed our users going forward from v5.6.4 has wrist and foot tracking deprecated and users should use the ShopAR platform for that. You can still use previous versions <v5.6.3 which still have foot tracking included.
If you are interested in ShopAR you can contact Missy (, our sales rep - she will help you onboard to our amazing platform.

Thank you very much for your reply you are amazing. One last question how can we access previous versions of the DeepAR Studio Mac App please?

You can download the version 4.4.0 from here.

Can you also share, windows version link?

This is the Windows version.