What typs of Animation plausible?

Hey Crew,

we tried animating our 3D meshes/elements fbx and using it in the studio (triggered by the animation controller).

We have issues importing everything that is not a simple scaling or moving animation.
For the current project we need to deform, pinch and stretch out shapes. But somehow the animation controller doesn’t even find/allow us to choose those files after import. (btw: bounce/appear animations works fine. So it looks like we’re doing everything right in terms of the workflow).

If (!) that isn’t possible: how could we add sophisticated effects? We tried working around it by using animated GIFs as textures but the software doesn’t allow animated textures.

How could we “let a form get filled up with liquid”?

Thanks in advanced!!

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Hi, animated textures are supported, as are blend shape animations. So your best options would be to either create a png sequence with your animation or a 3D blendshape animation.

To import an animated texture in the Assets tab select Add->Animated Texture → And select a folder that contains the images that need to be in alphanumerical order

The limitations are that the supported interpolation between 3D keyframes is linear, and only the first texture used by a material can be animated

for more info on how to set the animations up once imported have a look at this tutorial:

Thanks for the great answer jelena.

I don’t understand that point. If it is linear, do you mean every moment needs to be according to one frame of the png sequence?
I made a test PNG sequenz: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

And made a little test 3D lens/ball: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
I’ve added a default material and as shader “unlit Texture”. And WOW it moves - but only in the live Mesh preview of DeepAR Studio.
When I start the “Live preview in Web” it stops moving.
What am I doing wrong?


Push. hey Crew, it would be really great if someone could look after that issue. Why is my PNG sequenze not moving in Live mode - just in the SDK Preview. Arrgg. :woozy_face:

The timeline preview does only show the 3D animations, but yes your animated texture will be visible in the preview as well as the exported effect, you can also see that it animates if you select the animated texture itself

I tested your sequence and it works well when imported

hey Jelena, thanks for the answer. Mhh well I’ve checked everything.
The animation works well in the the main editor. But as soon as I use the web preview or the “test on device” the animated texture doesn’t move. Do I have to activate something else? Maybe trigger it?
(I know that my files were pretty big. I resized them and my texture is now below a few MBs. But same problem: it animates awesome in the editor window but now in any kind of web/device preview.)

What am I doing wrong?
Could you maybe make a short video of how you import an animated texture, but in onto a material and let it play live? Maybe I can find at which point I’m making a mistake.

Btw: This is the animation sequence I am using WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Could you share the .deeparproj project as well? The animation does need to be activated. You can do this with the animation controller or by adding a play animation component to the node that uses your animated material

Haaa! Awesome! That did the trick. Thanks!
Here is a guide:

  • Create an animation in any software like after effects or premiere pro
  • export as PNG Sequenz
  • convert the Image files to JPG (PNGs are huge)
  • Click in the deepAR Studio software in the “Assets” region on the “+” and choose “import animated texture”
  • Choose the folder with your JPGs
  • On your 3D Asset, choose a material (e.g. “DefaultMaterial”) and add “unlit texture” as texture to the Material
  • Choose your animated texture in the “unlit texture” section
  • select in the hirachy overview on the 3D object that got the texture and click on the “animation builder” tab
  • in “Material” choose your the material that was used for the animation. “DefaultMaterial”
  • check “loop” if it’s a looping texture

Works for me

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