How to use Blendshape Animation without texture sequences?

how to use blendshape animation without texture sequence ?? let say I want make a snowman 3D object(not a plane) and want change blendshape it into snowman squeezing ?(use rig is imppossible to make this)…emoticon also cannot do this since i want make it with trigger like blink or open mouth…

Hi, blendshape animations are supported when imported from a 3D model. Create the animation in your modeling software and once the model is imported set up the animation controller like in this tutorial

thank you for the response and I have tried that before I asked the forum and its success but only with bone/rig animation, I do the animation with bone and blendshape but the deepAR studio only read animation by bone only…blendshape animation is missing…(it exist only store at mesh renderer component > blend shapes)… Im surely have keyframe on the blendshape at my 3d software…

Can you share an the animated file, perhaps we can figure out what went wrong, since blend shape animations are definitely supported

thank you for good response, here I share my test data (blend file, fbx and also the deepAR project file),
the animation only simple squeeze to testing, the blendshape is store at meshrendered > blendeshape but the animation is not going…please help me what’s wrong with my file ?