Getting 2 Animations to work in one filter

This may be a silly/simple question, but I need some help please!
QUESTION: Is there a way to animate 2 objects at the same time in DeepAR Studio?

ISSUE: I created and animated two 3D objects in a blender scene and imported the FBX file into the DeepAR Studio (I’m using the DeepAR v3.4.2 (10) version).

When I use the Animation State Editor the system only allows me to play (animate) ONE of the two Animation Actions at one time. Each of the animations work, however, they can only be played one at a time or they can only be used together as states to trigger each other (They only animate independently before/after being triggered as a “state”).

EXAMPLE: If I have a ball bouncing and a cube bouncing as separate animations in an imported FBX file, only one of them will be able to be animated in the system for me. I am looking for a way for both of them to move at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:


It should be possible, but you will need two animation controllers one for the cube and one for the sphere. We only support one state per animation controller and one 3D animation per state, but we do support multiple animation controllers.

If splitting the takes gives you issues it would probably be easiest to import them as 2 separate FBX files

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Thank you Jelena! Your suggestion worked! Yes, the easiest solution was to animate the scene with both objects together in blender to get the exact animation timing I needed for both objects… and then I created two separate blender files that contained each object with their respective animations from the first scene, and exported the 2 separate FBX files. I was able to import those 2 FBX files into DeepAR and activate their animations separately with their own Animation Controllers so that they both moved at the same exact time.

I really appreciate the response and help!! :slight_smile:

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