I ask for help to make shoes

Hi everyone! I have to do a shoe job but I can’t figure out what textures I need to use and how to use them. I attach a photo with the files I have to work with. after importing the “nike.fbx” file, I assign the texture “poly_texture_0001.jpg” and the shoe seems completed… but I see that in my folder there are other textures that I can apply but I don’t know how to insert them. can someone help me?

The required textures depend on the selected shader, what you have seems like it would work with Standard Full if you want to use all of them.

I used the Standard Full shader but only the Diffuse Texture seems to work, if i assign the texture 0002.jpg, for example to Specular Map, the result is error: the Sampler texture should contain non-color Data.
The same thing happens in “Normal Map". I also have 4 textures to apply and even if I could use them there would still be one that I don’t know where to put.
Another thing i wanted to know is how and where can i use *.dae *.mtl *.obj *.stl *.glb files.

Here’s a tutorial for import settings, you need to import non color textures as such for them to work with the shaders.

Dae and Obj files can be imported instead of the FBX, there glTF should also work on the latest studio

ok thanks to you i managed to get the desired effect and to use all the textures but when i go to export the model, the program generates an error:

An unexpected error has occurred.

And immediately the project closes! I tried to do the same operation with your standard model and the operation is successful!
I was thinking maybe the program throws an error when I use the non-color texture but it should still export everything! other than that, is there a way to create a material group?

You should use PNG files for non-color data, but that behaviour is a bug. We did already fix a bug that caused some projects to corrupt and it will be available next version