Is it possible to change values in real-time when purchasing this filter

For example, can you receive values by adjusting the intensity of eye makeup using a Swift slider and then pass this to deepAR to change it in real-time?"

It’s a feature similar to TikTok’s beauty filter.

What are some free filters that are suitable for testing and using the “changeParameter” function?

Then, if I want to use the ‘ping_pong’ filter and change the color of the paddle using the ‘changeParameter’ function in Swift, how should I do it? Could you please provide an example code?


I would appreciate an example code.

var ball, paddle;
var paddleCollider
var minimumScale, maximumScale;
var colorToggle, scaleToggle;
var startPosition;
var delta = 0.0001;
var prevFaceVisible;

function resetBall() {
    ball.localPosition = new Vec3(0, 8, 15);

function onStart() {
    ball = Node.root.getChild('Ball');
    paddle = Node.root.getChild('Paddle');

    paddleCollider = Node.root.getChild('PaddleCollider');
    minimumScale = 1.9;
    maximumScale = 2.1;

    colorToggle = false;
    scaleToggle = false;
    prevFaceVisible = Context.isFaceVisible();
    if (prevFaceVisible)
        ball.enabled = false;

function onUpdate() {
    var faceVisible = Context.isFaceVisible();
    if (faceVisible) {
        if (!prevFaceVisible) {
            ball.enabled = true;
    } else if (prevFaceVisible)
        ball.enabled = false;
    if ((ball.positionOnScreen.x < -0.1 * Context.renderResolution.x) || (ball.positionOnScreen.x > 1.1 * Context.renderResolution.x) || (ball.positionOnScreen.y < -5 * Context.renderResolution.y) || (ball.positionOnScreen.y > 1.1 * Context.renderResolution.y))
    prevFaceVisible = faceVisible;
     var local = ball.localScale;
     var newScale = new Vec3();
     ball.localScale = scaleToggle ? ball.localScale.sub(delta) : 

function onCollisionEnter(firstNode, secondNode){
    if (!checkIfCollidedWithPaddle(firstNode, secondNode)) return; 

function checkIfCollidedWithPaddle(firstNode, secondNode) {
    var collides = false;
    if (firstNode.equals(ball))
        collides = secondNode.equals(paddleCollider);
    else if (firstNode.equals(paddleCollider))
        collides = secondNode.equals(ball);
    return collides;

function changePaddleColor() {
    if (colorToggle) 
        Utility.changeParameter('Paddle', 'MeshRenderer',         
                               'u_color', 0.6, 0.1, 0.00, 1.0)
        Utility.changeParameter('Paddle', 'MeshRenderer', 
                                'u_color', 0.1, 0.6, 0.0, 1.0); 
    colorToggle = colorToggle ? false : true;

function changeBallMinMaxScale() {
    var newScale = scaleToggle ? minimumScale : maximumScale;
    Utility.changeParameter('Ball', null, 'scale', newScale, newScale, 
    scaleToggle = scaleToggle ? false : true;


Any effect can be changed with change parameter

You can find the syntax here. Change parameter | DeepAR

The biggest current blocker is that you need to find the uniform name in the shader to change textures and colors, but the script you have attached already has the code visible.

Can you elaborate, what exactly you would want to do with change parameter and how. You may have conflicts if you try changing the color from the app while a script is overriding it.