How to use DeepAR Web SDK changeParameterTexture


I’m trying to use the changeParameterTexture method from the web SDK, but I’m not seeing any effect. Could you please help me pinpoint where the issue might be? Thank you.

I’m using the official sample from this link:

And I’m using DeepAR Studio to open the Vendetta_Mask.deepar file to confirm the parameters I’ve filled in.

const testBtn = document.getElementById(“test-btn”);
testBtn.addEventListener(“click”, async () => {



I think the issue is that Material is not a valid component

Will replace the Matcap texture for this effect

s_texNormal is the normal map


s_texMult is the multiply texture

Thank you Jelena!

Material is just one attribute of MeshRenderer.

I misunderstood.

Thank you sincerely