DeepAR Face size transformation not working with changeParameterFloat

I’m looking at the documentation and trying it, and changeParameterFloat writes and runs as the example code, but it doesn’t work. I’m working with react native

const custom = {
gameObject: ‘faceMorphFluffy’,
component: ‘’,
parameter: ‘chin_raise’,
value: -76,

const deeparChangeLips = () => {
console.log(deepARRef?.current?.changeParameterFloat, ‘show me’, custom);


Hi @ely the component should be “MeshRenderer” for changing blend shapes, we will have a look at our docs it seems we might have made an error in that use case.

Thanks for the answer. But I put MeshRenderer in the component but it didn’t work. Maybe the filter in that example doesn’t change its size even if I use MeshRenderer?

I’ll leave a link to the example I saw
Blend Shapes this is it

Could you share the effect in question, so I can check if something is different in it. The effect needs to have a faceMorphFluffy object with a chin_raise blend shape

I used the beauty effect
I will share my code below :point_down:t2:

const custom = {
gameObject: ‘faceMorphFluffy’,
component: ‘MeshRenderer’,
parameter: ‘chin_raise’,
value: -76,

const deeparChangeFace = () => {
console.log(deepARRef?.current?.changeParameterFloat, custom);


onPress={() => {


This looks correct, we will try testing it out.

Do you get any logs or errors when calling this code?

It just doesn’t work without any errors or error logs, so I’m just frustrated.

Sorry about that we will try to test it out. Are you using the react native example linked on our GitHub?


I’ll put a link to an example I saw below

If I create a new effect and use changeParameterFloat will it work ok?

I’m trying to create and use an effect in deepar studio, but if the extension is exported as .deepar, it cannot be used in the app. How can I use the effect in the app?

I’ll attach a screenshot of your example custom effect file. When I open it in deepar, it works fine, but if I put it in the app’s /asset folder/effects folder, it doesn’t come out.

I’m not sure what might be causing you issue yet, but the files in the effects folder are equivalent to the .deepar files we have. If you add the extension manually you will be able to open them in preview.

You will just need to add the extension to the file path when calling switch effect

Can I get a makeup demo, a face shape transformation demo, and a hair color demo?

You can test out all of those features in our Beauty 3000 app