Export shader wizard

I created a new shader using shader wizard but I need to export and import it again in other projects instead of establishing from scratch
How ??

We have implemented the Asset Pack functionality, which allows you to pack any resource or scene into a DeepAR Asset Pack file and then reuse it in other projects. This is not yet released, but it is complete and it will be available in the next DeepAR Studio version, which we will release soon.

As of now, you could do this in couple of ways:

  1. Import the shader source files by adding them as resource (they should be located in your project .deeparproj directory, and then resources) - but unfortunately this way you would have to recreate the shader settings such as uniform and sampler names, and attribute settings.
  2. Manually copy the shader files - make sure that the destination project where you want to have your shader is not open in the studio. Then copy all of the shader files (.sc, .sc.deeparimport, .dprx and .dprx.deeparimport) into the resources subduriectory of your project .deeparproj directory. Ensure that the relative file structure remains intact. Then if you open your project, the shader should appear inside of the Assets view. Note that this approach is not recommended, because if you’re using some special textures as the default texture, you will have to copy it as well manually, and if you’re using the builtin texture, you may need to modify the project.dprm file.

My advice is to wait a bit for the release of the next version, and if you absolutely have to do this, then use the 1st method.

Awesome :clap:t2:
May I ask if you are planning add wrist and body tracking components to deep AR studio soon :star_struck: @antonio

Both of these features are planned to be added some time in the future.