Shoes extension in the shoes try on web sdk

Hello, I’m working on the shoes try on, and I just want to know the type off the 3D shoes that should be implemented, Thanks.

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Hey @saad_bouryaln

You can import a variety of 3D model formats to use in your DeepAR effects:

  • Autodesk ( .fbx )
  • Collada ( .dae )
  • Blender 3D ( .blend )

You may find this tutorial on importing 3D objects into DeepAR Studio useful.

We also have a Shoe Try-on quick setup article which may help.

Also, if you download the latest version of DeepAR Studio 4.0 (currently in Beta), you should find a Sneakers Try-on effect template ready to go out of the box. Feel free to use this asset to get your project set up before working on your own shoe models if you like.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


That helps a lot, thank you.

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