How would you go about putting a film through AI and is there any software out there which allows you to put a video through AI not just photos

Hi I was wondering how would go about putting a film or video work through AI and is there any software options like Dalle where you could just put moving images through . Or what tools you would need to do this would I have to create data sets for example would the process be doable and how complicated it would be . Is there any resources were a beginner could find out how to do this or is it a purely professional job . Thanks Angela

Hey Angela

You can run a number of open-source AI models on this website: No need to have any technical knowledge and you only pay for what you use.

There are a few models that support video input: Explore – Replicate

We plan to support video input to our Studio preview app so you’d also be able to use that as part of your creative process soon.

You can already run a video through DeepAR’s Studio app preview by using a virtual camera. OBS have one that can be downloaded and used for free.

Replicate only seems to have animation models or video to animation I was thinking of putting a MP4 or mov file through but I still think I might need data sets to do something like that .Also another option is morphing film stills on art breeder do you know if they have as straight rules regarding content even though its art on the AI .Its weird sometimes Dalle would like censor things just based on flesh colour with blood etc all the time even if it was fed through abstract I will check the deep AR tomorrow .thanks Angela

Sorry, we can’t help much with Replicate since it’s not our product.

To use OBS as a virual camere you will need to:

  • Install and set up OBS Studio you can use the Auto-Configuration Wizard for setup
  • Select sources you want to be shown on the output, in your case videos
  • Start Virtual Camera, there should be a button on the bottom right a
  • Choose OBS as a camera in our preview. if you are using the latest studio you can just click the Change Camera until you see your video.