Creating an AI interpretation of human existence through fine art

Hi I am a fine artist currently using the dalle ai app and I love it great work as part of my new work .I made a film using extreme footage from the internet to explore the our selves transgressing through the net or second hand experience it also covered philosophy and the spiritual human existential experience.I thought it would be interesting to see how dallie interpretated still a from this work but obviously I have censored the harder elements for use on dalle so I am not going against it’s rules or guidelines .The feel of flesh and experience of human existence through ai .I have been using dalle to create images that seem to merge the primordial with tech .I found this interesting conceptually with this body of work .I have created some very unique abscract art on this app so far reflecting the esssence of this .But I would like to animate the images into a moving installation piece eventually so any advice around the best way to do this would be appreciated.Thanks Angela :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing, your work sounds interesting! DALL-E and DeepAR are certainly alike in that they’re both using AI to create new kinds of art.

DeepAR is great for creating augmented reality experiences on any device, so if you have a 3D model, you can let people wear it on their face/head/body/feet, or trigger animations using gestures like opening their mouth.

To get started with the creative side of DeepAR, you might like to follow some of our Studio tutorials. It’ll help you become familiar with what you can build on our tech. The DeepAR Studio is free to use on both Mac and Windows, you can download it here.

You may also want to become familiar with a 3D tool like Blender, - there are free tutorials on YouTube - I like this one where you can build a donut!

And you can share what you’ve built in DeepAR Studio easily with a link.

Hope that helps!

Thanks :pray: I need all the help I can get and I tried blender but was kind of a nightmare if your not good at math …I am good at art but rubbish at that .The other stuff sounds amazing and I will be looking forward to doing more on my humble Mac but I think the beginner donut video is a good place to start and I watch more tutorials on here will let you know how I get on with it .Angela x

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I have made a video art piece through animating the stills and adding manipulated sounds generated by AI breathing heart beats layering it like at 25 mins right now .It doesn’t look like AI art sort of looks its own thing but is visceral and interesting as a computers interpretation . I tkind of think its a cool strong piece of art even if its not technologically perfect .But I was also wondering would it really be hard to put the original video art moving image through AI would I have to be a computer genius to do this or is it doable for a amateur who has a fine art not computer science background please if you know anything I would really appreciate the help thanks Angela x

Sounds interesting, Angela!

Just linking my response re. AI for video here in case anyone else is following this thread:

Thanks your great at helping me I really appreciate and would n’t know were to start without these pointers .no tech knowledge or basic is great for me I will check those out today x

I suppose I also could run it through runway that adds ai to it though it isn’t strict machine learning it might work as the content might be more of a issue elsewhere I might try that out now as a kind of direct moving image change up .