Live menu for choosing effects

Hey Crew, I want to publish soon a filter where people can choose between different makeup styles.
I now have some good effects but have to load them after another.
Where can I find a template like you’ve showed in DeepAR
Here is a mockup of what I need

I need 4 round images that can be clicked/tabbed on and the filter is changinge accordingly.
Is that something I need to programm in the SDK or even via ngrok or a web overlay?
Or can I programm it nativ in DeepAR Studio?


Edit: You’ve also doing it in the nike/sneaker try on preview (scroll down):

Edit 2: Are those menus made with AWS IVS, Agora and/or Vonage?

Hi @armonitas!

I would suggest you check out our Web Quickstart which uses a similar carousel. You can simply replace the effect used in the example with the effects you want to use.

Those carousels can be created using plain Javascript.

Hope that helps!

Got it! Works great as far as I can see.

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