How to use FBX format models in web deeparr

I have used example where all the models are .deepar format…
how to use .fbx format? when I use it as I was using .deepar it returns error: memory access out of bounds

Hey @Lasha_Markhvaidze, thanks for reaching out

The DeepAR SDK only reads .deepar files, not .fbx or other 3D files directly. This is because we need additional information to know how to render objects or trigger animations, attach it to tracked faces/feet etc…

You can use DeepAR Studio to import .fbx files, configure how you’d like them to respond to user video input, then export as .deepar and load it into the .sdk.

You might find our getting started in the web SDK guide useful for more tips about how to best integrate DeepAR in your web project.

Let me know if that sorts it for you :slight_smile: