Web SDK Memory Out Of Bounds exception

If you get this error while using DeepAR on your domain, you should check the metadata header settings (Content-Encoding and Content-Type) for .js, .wasm, model and effect files on your server.

These are explained in the getting started guide

You can also Inspect your page and compare the metadata headers to one of our demo examples. This should make it any mismatches easier to spot.

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Hi Jelena,

Thanks for the message. We’ve checked our content-type headers for all the necessary files, but still are encountering the same ‘Memory Out of Bounds’ error message. Did we miss something?

Website is here for your reference:


@psychicpotato We had a look at your issue. It looks like your content-type is correct, but the aviators file somehow got corrupted.

Could you please try with this version of the file?

aviators.deepar.zip (565.6 KB)