Blend shape trigger | Windows

How to use blend shape trigger on mouth open? Is it possible at Windows beta version?

Animations and triggers are not yet supported in the new DeepAR Studio Beta. These features are currently in development and should be released within the current year.

Alternatively, we support the Emotions node component, which will trigger the blend shapes with names corresponding to the detected emotions: sadness, surprise, happiness, neutral and anger.

Could you explain please more detail how can I use Emotions node?

You can add the Emotions component from The Node Properties tab by clicking the Add Component button
I made a quick demo project that uses the emotion blendshapes so you can have a look at how it behaves (24.4 KB)

thank you for example file but it doesn’t work on my Windows…

Do you have a crash or does the effect just not change in the preview?

Emotion tracking isn’t supported on the Web SDK yet, you would have to test on a mobile device

If you are experiencing a crash, we will be releasing a hot-fix for the windows version next week.

Could you explain please, how can I test AR on mobile device?

We are working on publishing QR tester apps, in the meantime you can add the effect to one of out GitHub quick-start projects and run it on a mobile phone (eg. Android)

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