Emotion detection filter that increase the emoji size by the intensity of the emotion detected

Hi there!
I’m creating a filter on DeepAR Studio 4.0 that increase the emoji size according to the intensity of the detected emotion. I already have a filter that grows a bar when a emotion is detected, but I’m having problems to change the material for the mesh renderer to my texture. When I try to replace the Mesh Renderer from the material with standard shader to my material with inlint texture, nothing is showed on the camera.

This is my filter: Emotions.deeparproj.zip - Google Drive
And this is what I’m trying to do: WhatsApp Image 2023-02-28 at 22.31.56.jpeg - Google Drive

Also, I want to create a blur effect in part of the camera, to the central square of the camera viewport be nitid and the rest blurred (creating a glassmorphism effect).

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with these issues. Thank you in advance!

Hi to change the size of the emoji you need to create an fbx with an emotion blendshape, so instead of the bar, the blendshape would controll the size of the Quad, and then render the emoji image to this quad.

Blur being applied to only part of the camera is demonstrated in the background blur template, replace the foreground mask with your on mask texture