Modify level of blur effect using blur template and code

Hi team, I would like to know if it is possible to modify the intensity or level of blur effect using the Web SDK. I am using right now the blur template effect, and I want to have like an option to be able to increase or decrease the value of the blur of my camera.

Any idea, suggestion?


Hi, sorry, no we had a shader that can do that but it doesn’t work with WebGL specifically.

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Hi Jelena,

Thanks for respond,

Could you guide me or share a tutorial where I can understand how to customize the current blur effect example? I would like to increase the blur directly in the effect then.


Hi Jelena and Wilbert,

I have the same doubt, I tried to modify the blur effect in DeepAR Studio and seems like it’s not possible or I wasn’t able to do it, it would be great if there’s a tutorial or some documentation (9.8 KB)

Here is an updated template that will allow you to do that, the parameter you need to change is u_blurSize