Android example Face size transformation not working with changeParameterFloat

When i try to use changeParameterFloat for transform from this list

no effect, i use seek bar for this

i use it like this seekBar.setOnSeekBarChangeListener(new SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener() {
public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekBar, int i, boolean b) {
deepAR.changeParameterFloat(“beauty_shapes”, “MeshRenderer”, “blendShape1.eyebrows_thickness”, (float) i);

Hi, what beauty pack/effect are you using, they don’t all have this blend shape.

I added free pack beauty, like I understand it has functionality to change eyes lips face size’s by api method from SDK . Maybe I do something wrong, I can’t find any guides for this. Here screenshot from project:

Can you help, how I can use free pack to do face transformation in android app?

The free beauty pack does not have those blendshapes.

Premium has: bigger eyes, nose shape, chin, face thinning and mouth adjustments

And ultimate has: bigger eyes, nose shape, chin, jawline, lips, face thinning, eyebrow thickness, forehead size, etc.

There is a guide for using the Ultimate pack

Premium works more or less the same, excluding the missing features.

Maybe you have trial for this or something like this to try?

Hi, would you like to message George to set up a demo?

Hi! can you provide a demo library ( code) with a 5-10 days limit. so that we can test inside. is there such a possibility?

We don’t have that option for a demo since beauty looks are files that you can store on your disk. But George can demo a new plugin we’re working on, that requires minimal code on your part to work

Ultimate pack - is this price for both ios and android platforms ? or only for 1 platform ?

Hi, the price is for all platforms.