Display an image png when opening the camera using react native

Is it possible to display an image without using filters, or should I create filter included image when

I’m using react-native-deepar

Thanks in advance.

You need an effect to use. You can create effects with every image you need or just one and replace the image with changeParameter

And here is an example where an image is applied to the entire screen in this case a frame

@jelena How can I export the effect as binary file like these effect react-native-deepar
from DeepAR Studio

@jelena I tried with “Create Assets Pack” from Menu and apply the effect by using

              mask: "name_file_effect",
              slot: 'effect',

but the effect doesn’t apply but when I use one of them https://github.com/ridvanaltun/react-native-deepar/tree/master/example/assets/effects it works fine

Hi, asset packs are meant to be used with the Studio to transfer assets between projects, here’s how you export effects to use in your app

hi ı exported from deepar studio glasses.deepar file and how can i change it to binary file in order to use it in react-native-deepar project ? thanks

There should be instructions for in this react-native example