Combining Facelift

Need Help guys!

How can we combine facelift blendshapes?
I created a blendshape for big eyes and small face.
When i try to use the DeepAR tester in mobile app and combine both. its only showing 1 effect at a time.

Please see attached video for reference. Thnx

as you can see in the screenshot also the layering is both different.

I found the solution to my problem… The blendshapes should always be together in 1 mesh.
if blendshapes are all in different Deepar project, combining all this blendshapes to work together is not possible.

Hi, I’m glad you figered it out and sorry for the late reply.

The issue here was that the 2 meshes were covering each other. In the rare cases where putting both on the same mesh is not an option, it’s possible to use render textures to layer meshes.

Draw mesh1 onto layer 1
make a render texture of layer 1
Draw mesh2 onto a layer above 1
use the render texture as input instead of the camera texture

This is way more complicated, your solution is preffered wehrever possible

im getting this round shape as soon as i convert the camera Texture UV 2 to Render Texture UV 1.

that’s to be expected while setting up the texture, this is the shape of the mesh. Are you using a render texture in the camera texture slot?