Multiface support on Eyeshadow

Hey Crew,

I need to make my filter capable of being applied to two faces at the same time.

Of course I already followed the DeepAR youtube Tutorial about multi face tracking.
But somehow I can’t get it working.
When I create 2 nodes (Face1 & Face2) and connect them to the meshes, both effects vanish.

Here is the file:
Could somebody have a short look?
It would be cool to know how to do it, because I want to apply it to some other filters too.



Can you elaborate on how you add the 2 faces. The effect has a postprocessing node QuadLUT which can’t be applied twice, so that would likely cause the effect to fully disappear. You can delete it or create a separate effect for it

You will likely want to also disable the BeautySingleBS.fbx node for 2 faces as they will overlap

Lastly the meshes in camera space (like the eyes mesh) have issues resolving which face they belong to and tend to default to the first detected face. There is a workaround.

You can add a Face Position component to a parent node to the lips or eyes mesh and set it up so that it ignores all translations and rotations and enter the desired face ID, so id 1 for the second detected face.


Ahh nice got it!
I made it with your suggestions.
Easy easy. Thanks

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