Combining beauty and background removal

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Is it supported to combine both the beauty filter and the background removal filter? I have tried as both two separate effects, loaded into two different slots and, just now, as a single effect. In both cases, I have the same problem – an egg-like halo around the face of the camera scene.

Here is a picture showing what I am seeing:

Here’s my test project. (4.3 MB)

Thanks again for all your help!

The object you are seeing is the beauty morpher which renders the camera image over the background the soluition is to render the segemented background and forground to a render texture and set this render texture as an input, I will attach a sample soon

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As promised, your project with a render texture setup

Thank you! Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to completely work except on the green-screen style sample videos. You can still see the artifact as a slightly darker area, with some slight alpha blending of it’s contents, with some of your sample videos. Here’s an example. (6.0 MB)
The segmentation mask on the web SDKs tends to need a bit of help blurring the edges. I replaced the foreground shader with the one from our template

Thank you, this is great!

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Hello, I’m experiencing the same issue. I can’t access Blend Shapes in the file, and I’m unable to make the face look slender when I add them manually, encountering numerous problems. Is there an example for this? Thank you.

Hello @Dimas_Surya can you share the exact assets you’re having issues with, it sounds like it might be a different issue