Background removal filter not working in Android Builds

I’m using the background removal template and latest version of DeepAR studio. The filters work fine in IOS and in DeepAR tester app.
When I make the build for Android, the camera image is overlaid to the background with transparency instead of using the segmentation mask.
I have no idea how to get this working.

Could you try it out on our quickstart example (which contains a similar effect)? Or can you share the effect you are using so we can test it out?

Hi, sharing the effect, it’s literally the background template exported.

I am not the person directly developing the android app (I’m only doing the .deepar studio side), so I’m going to ask for this.

I just tested using the effect in the mentioned quickstart example and it works as expected, so I would advise to check the integration of the SDK in the Android app.
Let me know if your colleague encounters any issues or what the problem was if he solves it :smiley: