How to create Blurry Edge on Mesh?

I was having difficulties when creating morphing giant head filter, I thought this was going to be easy just scale up the mesh to be added to shape blend. Now the head is large but I needed the shape to be smooth sort of like blurry.

You can check the files in our beauty template, we typically use a head/face mesh with a bit of a fan around it so that the background around the head gets morphed as well to avoid strange edges.

You can also try simply adjusting the alpha mask to make the edges more or less transparent.


Hello Jelena,
I still have some difficulties making the filter works, I have been working on shader wizard but I have no Idea how the code inside Fragment.SC works
And I haven’t found a tutorial in depth about the coding on shader wizard


DeepAR uses bgfx library in the background, which means it uses their variant of GLSL shaders. You can read more about that on bgfx shader docs here: Tools — bgfx 1.118.8367 documentation

I would say your effect looks fairly good. Which shader are you using? Our pre-made simple morph shader might be slightly better

Hey Jelena,
I still have some questions :

  1. I Still haven’t figured out how my filter should work, it doesn’t look natural
  2. Now that you mention about pre-made simple morph shader where can I find that? what is the name of the shader ?

I Attached my filter looks below, I wanted it to have a blurry edge and the morph really looks bad

Thank you so much for the help


Could you share your .deeparproj folder please. But here are the shader files. (3.3 KB)