React Native Background Segmentation Issue

Hello everybody,

Currently setting up DeepAr in my project and I’m having issues with the background segmentation example. I’m using the example provided here → GitHub - ridvanaltun/react-native-deepar: Snapchat-like filters, AR lenses, and real-time facial animations..

More specifically:

import {TextureSourceTypes} from 'react-native-deepar';
import RNFetchBlob from 'rn-fetch-blob';

  .fetch('GET', '')
  .then((res) => {
      gameObject: 'Background',
      component: 'MeshRenderer',
      parameter: 's_texColor',
      type: TextureSourceTypes.BASE64,
      value: res.base64(),

(I have only changed the URL)

Requesting any help on the matter.

(NOTE: I followed the example for the 8bitheart effect and it worked perfectly, only have an issue with background segmentation over the web.)

Hi, can you clarify if the issue only happens when trying to change the texture?

Yes, I am unable to change the background as seen in the background segmentation example. However, I am able to switch effects.