Libpng error: IDAT: incorrect data check

not able to load eyewear model effects for the first time

Could you please give us more info about the issue that you’re facing? When does the issue occur? How are you trying to load the effect file?

when i run project by default i am loading eywear model(our own effect).its not loading for the first time and if i move carousal with other options and come back to eywear effet its loading but effect looks diffrent

Hi @mahesh could you share some of your effects you have this issue with. Ideally with the full deeparproj folders, or at least the source files for textures?

This looks like our SDK folder. Can you send the Studio project for your glasses please.

our sdk only but we have just replaced one effect with our eywear effect which is not coming good

The Mae_C7_SG.deepar can’t be opened with the studio it’s seems it’s corrupted. Can you find the DeepAR studio project for this effect?