Unable to load asset from mobile device

Can you detail out what happens here? The issue seems to be with file handling since deepar will read a file if it’a found.

it shows this error after i try to access specified filter

i have checked application directory file is already present there

Can you send the exact effect file over. It could have gotten corrupted maybe.

I want to load .deepar asset files from my mobile device during runtime

that file i have tested it and it was working all fine, but i think main problem is incorrect way to loading asset from mobile, i would be highly thankful i you could help me in that

Do any of the files work ar do they all have the same error?

they all are showing same error, I think I am mistaking in loading asset,
I am currently using the default Flutter code provided by DeepAR for testing purposes. While I have made some modifications to the _initEffects() function

rest of the code is same

my real question is how can we load asset at runtime from our mobile device in DeepAr example flutter environment

in _maskList.add() we can only add asset at compile time only

The download approach works with native, maybe try talking to the flutter team directly for more info on flutter specific issues