Is there a example for wrist useage?

I get shoe try-on on github. But I want to know how to detect wrist with sdk

The code is the same. The effect would need to have a Wrist Position component attached.

If you are interested in this for try-on reasons I recommend messaging our sales team at ShopAR ShopAR - 3D and AR ecommerce for Shoes, Glasses, Watches and more, since that product was made to maximize ease of integration and we will no longer be supporting user made try-ons

const deepAR = await deepar.initialize({
licenseKey: ‘xxxx’,
canvas: canvas,
effect: ‘effects/Shoe’, // The shoe-try-on effect file.
additionalOptions: {
// Use the front camera.
cameraConfig: {
facingMode: “environment”,
detectorPath: “models/wrist/wrist-det-9.bin”,
trackerPath: “models/wrist/wrist-track-181-q.bin”
// hint: “footInit”, // Add this hint to let DeepAR know we want to optimize for shoe-try-on use-case.

deepAR.callbacks.onWristTracked = (data, ) => {


I can not get callback when the wrist detected. But it callback at onFeetTracked

It should work the same WristData | DeepAR Web API - v5.5.2

is the effect showing up on the wrist?

Yes, it works when I export with wrist component.
And Can I use 3d model export by threejs or playcanvas

Hi I’ve checked with the team and this seems to be a bug in an older SDK version that was fixed. Can you please try updating the DeepAR SDK to the latest version

Thanks a lot !!
Can I combine DeepAR with threejs or playcanvas?

DeepAR is it’s own rendering engine, so not on the same canvas.