Import effect into existing project using StudioAR

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Beginner here, so please excuse my potential novice question. Is it possible to import an effect into my existing project in Studio AR? For example, if I want to merge two template projects like Background Removal and Sunglasses. Is there a way to do this using StudioAR? Or should I follow this process: How to include multiple cap/glass options in an AR filter? - #2 by Zak

Hi, The new Asset Packs feature is for that. A tutorial coming soon, but the general process is:
Right click on a node in hierachy->New Asset Pack

Then import the resulting asset pack into your other project and drag the newly created scene into the hierarchy

Hi Jelena! Thank you so much for the prompt reply and for sharing this information. The new asset pack feature will be incredibly useful for folks like me who are just starting out. I just updated to the new version of Studio and have already started testing it with Galaxy_bg removal and Sunglass templates. I think I am following the process, but I need to modify my hierarchy and camera textures.

I look forward to demos/tutorials on this feature and will follow the forum for updates. Appreciate you! (4.5 MB)

Not bad. The main issue here is that the background removal uses camera space for the root node and the sunglasses use face space, so there is a bit of conflict there. You can find more info on face space and the face position component here

some of your layers got messed up as well. Here’s a quick screencapture for your exact use case

Thank you! I figured it out. This feature is great.

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