Error when selecting a DeepAR asset

Hi When I select either a MASK or EFFCT I receive an error telling me that an asset-pack cannot be moved to the destination because either the former doesn’t exist, or the folder containing the latter doesn’t exist.

One other important note:

  • I cloned a different project & only changed a few things like app name, privacy policy, and ToS.
  • I created a new project in the developer portal and added the new Deep AR API key to the new cloned project.

Thanks a lot!

To be more specific, my original project had DeepAR integrated and is still currently working fine. My new project is an exact clone from my original project, with only some minor changes (app name, PP, TOS). I have made a new project in DeepAR dev portal and added the new API key to the new project.

Hi sorry, this seems to be file location issue, please check your effect files/permissions and such. The DeepAR SDK itself doesn’t handle the effect location.