How to How to make editing tools for face shaper?

I am trying to use face shaper. I want to create tools to edit eyes, lips, chin, nose… like the Beauty 3000 app. Do you have any detailed documentation?


Hi, yes we have a list of all available parameters here

Although we are also working on a plugin to simplify the integration.

Thanks Jelena.

I found the file StudioFiles/base/baseBeauty.deeparproj but I didn’t find the settings in the file. I sent a separate email asking for instructions but received no response. Do you have a more detailed guide?

I can’t find the baseBeauty.deeparproj file in any folder. I am using the latest version of Studio 4.3.

Hi, the base beauty is in the Ultimate Beauty folder, that you download from the store.

Can I create similar functions without purchasing Ultimate Beauty?

You can, however I we can’t give you detailed support since it can be an involved process.

The general features are available to you so if you create and correctly set up your own 3D model it will work.

Importing a rigged model
Blend shapes
Camera UVs
Change parameter API

Hi Jelena.

How to create a new function on blend shapes?

Like this:

The blend shapes menu shows all the blend shapes that were imported form the source fbx file. You can’t add or remove blend shapes directly in studio, this is done in a 3D modelling software.