Background segementation with face effect (legacy version v3.4.3)


Did a scene with face effects + background segementation with v3.4.3
In the studio everything works, but when starting the scene online, there is no background. Any hints?

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HI @chargr

There could be multiple reasons why this issue could happen. Some likely ideas are:

Using a newer version of the studio - newer versions of the Studio might export effects with new features or changes that are incompatible with legacy SDK versions

Using a feature not available on the web, for example, video texture - if the effect uses a feature that is available on macOS, but not the web SDK this could happen

I would need to see the effect to know for sure, could you share the effect file in question?

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Back on the project :slight_smile:

  • I indeed use camera texture (simple morph shader) to occlude some areas, but it works with chrome
    Is it, that you could use only one feature @once?

Here is the scene file:

Thank you. We will check this effect and let you know (3.6 MB)
The effect was tested on chrome and safari and seemed to work.

I did make some minor changes like using a shader better optimized for the web and renaming the nodes, so there are no duplicate names. Let us know if this helps.

Is there any way you could update to a newer version to make testing easier?

We discovered that the problem occured because we did not attach zip file to given destination:

      libPath: ‘./lib’,
        segmentationInfoZip: ‘’,