What's the minimum version of Chrome that 5.4.4 will work on?

The doc says 66+ but I’m testing with 67 and it does not work. There’s an “unexpected token” error in deepar.js

In the minified js, it appears to have a problem near " t||={}"

lC(this,gN,((e,t)=>{for(var n in t||={})nC.call(t,n)&&iC(e,n,t[n]);if(tC)for(var n of tC(t))rC.call(t,n)&&iC(strong text

Hi, we will test this out, are you testing with the web quickstart project found here?

Hi Jelena. No, I’m not using the quick start project. I’m integrating 5.4.4 into my own project.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Can you please let us know if this issue is also present with the quickstart project? You may just need to adjust your implementation to be closer to ours it is not, and it will be easier for us to reproduce and fix otherwise