DeepAR is not defined even on the web example app, server error

Hi, I am working on a web app, everything was fine but suddenly the app stopped working, I get a server error, I also tried to open the html example app on different computer(in a
different location), I get the same error, all I see is the blue loader blinking, please see attached images.

Hello, @visual3D this looks like the deepar.js is unavailable from your host server.

Could you please check that all of the files are still in the correct locations and that you are running the example as listed in the quickstart README?

  • Download the SDK from and copy the deepar.js, deepar.wasm and models-68-extreme.bin to lib folder
  • Open the terminal and go to the example folder
  • Run python in terminal
  • Open the browser and enter “http://localhost:8888” in the address bar

If none of that helps, please let us know

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I see it is working that way, now I have 2 questions:

  • I haven’t changed anything, everything is still there - including deepar.js deepar.wasm and models-68-extreme.bin, why has it stopped working?
  • I use Go Live to run the app(It just worked fine, no issues), should I do something else? for example run the by code instead of Go Live? can you direct me to a corresponding link ?


Could you please give us more details about how you are running the example? Is this what you are using?

If so, do you know the exact version and which ports might be used?

Our test environment includes running with the python server and testing on http://localhost:8888

as listed in the example

We aren’t sure what might be causing your issue to happen if you use different methods of running.

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Thank you for your reply and sorry for not being clear enough, we both talking about the same live server and the same example, unlike in the read me file, I used the Go Live(visual studio live server) instead of running the py server and everything worked fine till now, the version of the live server is v5.7.9 and the port is 5500, after using py server everything is OK and I just wanted to know if there is a way to use live server correctly, and the other thing is how do I deploy the app with a py server? what I did till now is uploading to amazon s3 or vercel as a javascript web app with no any relationship to py server, Thanks again.

I’m glad that using the has helped.

I’m not entirely sure what might have caused the issue with the visual studio live server, but you could check these values in your

  • liveServer.settings.root: To change root of server in between workspace folder structure, use / and absolute path from workspace.

    • Example: /sub_folder1/sub_folder2. Now sub_folder2 will be root of the server.
    • Default value is “/”.(The Workspace Root).
  • liveServer.settings.port: Customize Port Number of your Live Server. If you want random port number, set it as 0.

    • Default value is 5500.

To make sure your root folder is set correctly, and match the port we use with out python example

The script is only for local testing, your deployment method looks correct.

Using py server only for dev is a big relief for me,
live server seems to be OK,
everything is working fine now,


hi @visual3D @jelena

i am trying to make it on my domain
i tried to run it locally and it runs fine
but i don’t know which files to upload to the server
can you please tell me
i tried both but nothing works

and it gives me this error

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