WebSDK effects crashing when applying to multiple faces

Will effects, such as “beauty”, only work on one face? When I try to apply the beauty filter to multiple faces, the camera feed stops.

Also, I’m not seeing a way to know how many faces the SDK is detecting so what’s the best way to apply the same effect to all faces?

Hi, specifically beauty has issues tracking multiple faces and needs to be modified to work.

First you would need to remove the postprocessing LUT from the effect which is causing the freeze but there is specific setup needed to run eye makeup and lipstick on multiple faces and I would advise not using face deformers on multiple faces since they will conflict with each other.

You can send me the exact beauty effect you want to use on multiple faces and explain what features you need and I can help you set it up.

As for the general case, the easiest way is to call switch effect 4 times targeting faces 0-3, but this approach will only work if the effect can be run multiple times as is

Thanks @jelena. That’s what I suspected regarding multiple faces on some of the effects. Also, thanks for the confirmation about applying the effect to multiple faces. That’s what I’m currently doing but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something or doing it wrong.

So we are using the SDK in our photo booth product which will typically have more than one person using it at a time. Can effects like “devil horn”, “neon cat” and “neon heart” be modified to remove the deformers and only apply the effect itself? I notice these do some whole image processing which is likely why they don’t work with multiple faces.

They can. I will try to do an example with one of them and send it over. As for the postprocessing that can be separated into it’s ow effect and only applied once.

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I am having similar issues with a few of the other effects we purchased. Specifically, “Neon Heart”, “LGBT Face”, and “Fairy Lights”.

I have tried to import these into the Studio app but it fails to load properly. Can you either provide the project files for these or modify them so that only the effect is applied to 4 faces?

Let me know if you can help.

Thanks again.

I have sent you a direct message with some of the effects. Sorry for the delay

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