Multiple faces tracking with effects

Hello I wanted to configure filters to track a multiple faces but had a problem with some of them.
Like for example Alian filter was easy to setup because there is a one file and I can create node with face position and drag and drop filter under it and multiply but I cant figure out how to make it working with filter that have mesh rendering and other things inside of them. I was trying on example of MakeupLook.deepar filter.
Could you help me with this please :pray:

Also I have some questions about distance of tracking:

  1. On what distance face filter is active?
  2. I have functionality on ipad to hcange from wide to ultrawide angle camera and during this switch sometimes It loses two face tracking after regaing it after time? Do you know why this could happen?

Beauty effects are not optimised for multiple faces since they morph the area around the face as well

The tracking works best at about an arms length dinstance

Changing the camera resets the tracked data so the faces need to be detected again

What about for example flowerFace.deepar effect can it be with multiple face tracking?

Which one exactly? Can you share a link or file? (7.0 MB)
This are some of problematic filters which 4 faces setup is tricky to enable I guess

Beauty would need to have features removed to look good on multiple faces, and emotions are likely having issues due to trying to track emotions of the first face, but these 2 should be good now (3.6 MB)