Run DeepAR Studio Crash on Windows

I can not run DeepAR Studio.

Hi, could you tell us more about your system, what is the OS version and have you downloaded the latest Studio?

Another question arose: how can I compile/deploy DeepAR project to Android Studio project? I still haven’t figured out the cause of the license check error, could it be a cause that might not apply?

You need to create an app id / license key pair in your projects on the developers page and make sure you’ve set both correctly

  • Go to, sign up, create the project and the Android app, copy the license key and paste it to (instead of your_license_key_goes_here string)
  • Make sure app id matches to one in the developer portal

@jose.tavares For the crash that happened to you, could you post the studio log file so that we can analyze what happened? You can find it in your user directory under .deepar-studio then logs (e.g. C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\.deepar-studio\logs).