My hair shader is working good in web but when I export and use it on android device , face not facing to camera are looking black?

What is it I am doing wrong , Can you tell me how to create hair shader , I am unreal user and I pretty much tried all masked , alpha options but none of them looks good

Hi, could you perhaps share your project so we can test this. I’m not sure what might be the issue.

Yeah sure , issue is only with android build on eagle body fur

link to project

WizardHat.deeparproj.rar - Google Drive

Do you have source textures in the png format, we have studio warnings letting you know that .jpeg non color data textures can cause artefacts.

I also see most of your textures are 4k which is inflating the size of the effect 512x512 should be enough

Thanks for that , But Can you set up the fur texture and send a screenshot of the shader setting. I have tried several methods but it doesn’t work.
Best ,

Do you have the texture assets in the png format?

Textures for fur are in png format , 8n the same file I shared with you.
There are three materials and two of them are for fur .