Shoe try on application

could anyone please help me
how to make shoe try on application using flutter ?
is it possible to make shoe and watch together in the same application ?

Hi @Omar_Salem

The shoe try on is currently only available on the Web SDK and the watch try on isn’t released yet.natl

So unfortunately, no it’s not currently possible

i cant build it with web
can you please follow up with me with the steps ?

i downloaded the web SDK and followed the instructions
it tracks face-hand-leg
i want to track my leg only

Hi @Omar_Salem this looks correct, some false positives on the face are normal since we do need to account for any possible variation of footwear including patterned shoes and socks.

Ideally you would initialise the SDK with the back camera and point the camera at your foot. We are currently updating our tester app to add the capability of switching the camera.

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How to initialise the SDK with the back camera?


You can see this in our shoe try on example here

check out the onInitialize callback as well as the startExternalVideo(facingMode) function

I have added the facingmode: environtment to the camera initialization. But still didn’t work.
Please help.

Can you try using our example integration and add your specific features onto it.

We have tested the facing mode in our code.