How to use images in blend mode - add and multiply and change it's opacity (alpha)

I want to add overlay images with multiply blend mode and alpha at 50%, how to achieve that?
Also how to use LUT image with liner color encoding?
thank you so much.

Hi, we have a detailed LUT tutorial here Lookup Texture(LUT) | DeepAR

As for 50% opacity on multiply, the multiply blend mode is available in the drop down, however it doesn’t alpha blend, that’s what the alpha blending is used for.

Depending on your usecase, you could premultiply your texture (bake in the alpha so to say) with 0.5 and use multiply blending, or possibly create a custom shader that multiplies the camera or render texture with the multiply texture and use alpha blending

thank you so much Jelena, can you help with color encoding thing? I saw LUT tutorial but we’re trying to recreate an Instagram filter and on Spark AR LUT is in linear color encoding but on DeepAR linear encoding is not supported for LUT I guess.

If you select any texture, you can click change properties in the Properties panels

Form there you can change the color encoding

Upon selecting non-color data it shows a warning that Non-color data should not be extracted from a non-lossy image and after selecting a lossless (with transparency) image it shows an error in material property that it should contain color property.

You can duplicate and change the shader if you need to.

You would likely also need to edit the fragement shader code to remove the toGamma call.

Have you tested with the shader as is? Are the results visibly different?