How to decrease transparency / alpha of AR effects on iOS?

Does anyone know how to decrease the transparency of the alpha of the AR effects on mobile? My bet is that it has something to do with this code:

deepAR.changeParameter(gameObject: String!, component: String!, parameter: String!, floatValue: Float)

I’m trying to figure out how I can progressively decrease the alpha of the AR layer. Thanks!

Yes that would be the correct method however the parameters will depend on your exact effect, and you would need to do it for every object in the scene

An alternative might be to render the camera feed under the whole deepar view and somehow control the opacity of that view if that is possible on your platform.

Thanks for the response Jelena. I’ve tried the alternative method, the main issue is rendering two camera sources at the same time. Do you know if DeepAR lets you render the Arview without the camera view, and lets you handle the camera view yourself? (on iOS)

Thanks you!

You can capture the frames from DeepAR using offscreen rendering

This will return the entire frame, camera image included but it won’t be treated as a camera feed.