How to remove the watermark?

Make sure you’re on the right payment plan

You should have at least the Basic paid plan to remove the watermark. The watermark is automatically removed when you upgrade to any paid subscription plan.

All subscription plans are based on the amount of monthly active users (MAU) your app has. Every user that opens your app and uses DeepAR features is counted as an active user for that month.

Pricing plans:

  • Free - development and testing 10 MAUs, Has watermark and a time limit
  • Basic - $25/month or $250 annual - 1000 MAUs
  • Startup - $100/month or $1000 annual - 5k MAUs
  • Growth - $500/month or $5000 annual - 30k MAUs
  • Growth - $500/month or $5000 annual - 30k MAUs
  • Pro - $1000/month or $10000 annual - 100k MAUs

See more about Pricing here.

Set the domain name correctly

You need to enter the domain name, not the URL where your app is running. Make sure to leave out any http or https parts.

Example: if your app is running on the domain name you enter is:

Add your license key

Make sure to replace the your_license_key_goes_here placeholder with your license key.

You can find step-by-step instructions in our Getting Started Web SDK Guide.

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Hi Zak,

I have upgraded to the basic plan already and also check my domain name which follow to the guide but the watermark still there. Please help suggest.


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Hi, @TKO :wave:

Please ensure you have replaced the your_license_key_goes_here placeholder with your license key. The watermark should disappear once that’s done.

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Hi @Zak ,

I have checked again and it is placed. So what should I do to fix this in this case?


Hi @TKO - sorry to hear the watermark is still showing.

Are you able to pass us a link to the page where you have installed DeepAR? Or message us with some code from the file where DeepAR is initialized?


Hi @zak,

Here is the link to our project :

And for the code I mostly use the structure from the Github example project →

Please help suggest to fix it. Thanks Zak:)

Hey @TKO - thanks for sending the link.

It looks like the license key is missing from the website - perhaps a cache issue serving an old version of the web page?

We’d expect to see your license key beside the licenceKey field.

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Hi Zak,

Please see the screen for your reference.

Hey @TKO

Thanks for sharing this - it appears like your latest edits are not being served on your web page for some reason, so when the page is loaded on the web, it no longer serves your license key and the embed doesn’t remove the watermark.

In the response headers from your site, it seems like your ‘last-modified’ field was Mon 12th Sep.

Perhaps this is a cache issue with your server or some other issue that means the latest version isn’t deployed to the web? In which case it might be worth contacting your server provider.

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Hi Zak,

I contact with the server provider and it’s solved.

Thank you so much:)


@TKO i want to make ar shoe try on app too
can you send me your email address